Yoav Lifshitz


Yoav Lifshitz (IL) is an artivist and and curator. In his work, he combines activism, culture jamming, critical engineering, and journalism. Lifshitz is the co-founder of the Captive Portal platform at the Center for Contemporary Art, Tel-Aviv, and the Israeli Pirate Party collective. In his current position, he is ArtUp Nation’s (wemakemoney.art) Chief Strategy Artist and managing partner.

Showcased at Athens Digital Arts Festival, Finger Lake Environmental Film Festival (jury prize recipient), National Arts Festival of South Africa, SciArt Magazine, Jerusalem Art Conference, Art Meets Radical Openness, and more. Curated exhibitions and art projects at CCA Tel-Aviv, Musrara, Hayarkon 19 Gallery, Print Screen Festival, and more. Has taught art at Musrara multidisciplinary school of art and society New-Media department


Yoav Lifshitz's events:

PGPoetry workshop