Oliver Bream McIntosh & FuPro Collective


Ollie was born in London and has lived, studied and worked in Canada, Brazil, Cuba, France, Belgium, and Italy. his academic endeavours began in Linguistics, but have since led him on an adventure across disciplines, taking in Anthropology, Political Economy, and Complex Systems, onto a Master’s in Sustainable Development, and then another in Economics. His work today calls on both a fluency in many cultures and languages, as well as on his previous studies, queerness, and a systems mindset. Currently balancing his time between a pro-bono role as a director of a social-arts enterprise in London, a research fellowship at a think tank in Rio, freelance foresight work focused on democratising cities, collaborator roles in a handful of global and local activist communities, and teaching an award-winning Futures Studies course at a UK university, he spends much of his time thinking and dancing at the nexus of pedagogy, participation and Futures.


Oliver Bream McIntosh & FuPro Collective's events:

Futures Literacy for the Regenerative Economy