Materia Inestable


Materia Inestable (Unstable Matter in english) is a Colombian Art Collective Studio formed two years ago by three transdisciplinary professionals who experiences Arts from different perspectives. Our academical background merged Arts, Design and Physics on experiences where the technology becomes a new media able to push boundaries of our disciplines on different scenarios. Although our collective group stayed together one year for research purposes, it is officially our first work as a collective.
The members of the group met in an educational project focused on promoting the critical and empathetic use of technology, for example in the use of so-called tangible programming to improve life in new ways, up to the idea of possible worlds in augmented and virtual reality. All this in the context of official schools and universities in Bogotá. Thus, in the continuous search to innovate in didactics, methodologies and strategies to promote the curiosity and creativity of our students, it was inevitable to find fundamental questions about the technique.

Materia Inestable's events:

NOD (Neural Optimal Decisor) - Play-along and Artist Q&A