Eyal Gruss


I am Eyal Gruss, a new-media artist and a machine learning practitioner. I also hold a PhD in physics. My artistic works explore and exploit the relationship between poetry, technology and society. My works include poetry, algorithmic poetry, interactive installations, digital performances, AI art and online interventions. I give talks and workshops on machine learning and computational creativity, with focus on making them accessible to artist and to the general public. My works were exhibited in Bloomfield Science Museum in Jerusalem, Bat-Yam Museum, Herzelia Museum for contemporary arts, Meter- Al-Meter festival, Ars-Electronica festival, Print Screen festival, Fresh Paint festival, Karov theater, DLD in Tel-Aviv, SVA in New York, Heinz Nixdorf MuseumsForum, Midarom Festival, Utopia Festival, Petach-Tikva Museum, Stuttrart FilmWinter and most importantly the Internet, to name a few. I am also running a opportunities newsletter and mini-residency for new-media artists.

eyalgruss.com twitter.com/eyaler facebook.com/eyal.gruss

Eyal Gruss's events:

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