Emily Twines


Emily Twines is an interdisciplinary performance and technology artist with experience directing, writing, designing and programming interactive theatrical elements, and working both solo and in highly collaborative atmospheres. She earned her MA in Theatre History and Criticism as well as her MFA in Performance and Interactive Media Arts at Brooklyn College (2017, 2020). As an artist and a leftist, it is important to her that her artwork contribute to society in constructive and explicit ways. Her current project, lookingGlass, which she is thrilled to be continuing with the help of Adrian Cameron and Michael Redman, thus strives to introduce the idea of “better” back into mainstream cultural imaginaries, to strengthen autonomous communities, and to open a new venue for pointed political conversation. Other recent works include I heard an echo, a collaborative installation at The Weeksville Heritage Center, for which she provided video and interactivity elements as well as “On Progress” With Professor Steward Orwell Teric III, a solo drag satire that interrogated western progress narratives through performance and video interactivity

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Emily Twines's events:

lookingGlass — Play-along session and artist Q&A