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Ellen Lapper is a British visual anthropologist, artist and researcher exploring different mediums to move away from traditional text-based research. She largely engages in participatory projects in an attempt to redistribute hierarchies between researchers and subjects. Currently Ellen is pursuing two projects, both stemming from personal experiences within the relevant communities. One is committed to telling stories with the aim of widening the discussion on colonised peoples and challenge homogenised and racialised ideologies of British identity. This research explores postcolonial memory and place-making through a long-term ethnography and has been made into an ongoing film. The second project investigates the digital afterlife – an area of interest stemming from the death of her father in 2015. So far, an article on how social media has changed the way we grieve has been published https://doi.org/10.14361/9783839434970-010 and research is still ongoing, with a visual element in progress. Both projects have been recently presented at the EASA 2020 conference, and the work on postcolonialism contributed to the RAI Film Festival and Forecast Forum Berlin, both 2019. Ellen holds an MA in Visual and Media Anthropology (Freie Universität Berlin) and a BA in Fine Art (International) from the University of Leeds. She has long-term professional experience from previous employment at Galerie Barbara Wien, Berlin, and is also a translator and writer in the fields of contemporary art and anthropology.

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