César Neri


César is a digital designer and architect hailing from Guadalajara, Mexico and currently based in Brooklyn, New York. His personal practice explores the role of design and technology in the pursuit of decolonizing collective memory and identity in contemporary Latinx culture. He specifically investigates living Maya cosmologies and ontologies as a way to conceptualize alternatives to our hegemonic institutions, structures, and values.

His most recent work, Mexico 44, illustrates a fully westernized Mexican state in which indigenous ways of living and being are hyper-commodified and exported around the globe. The all too familiar urban strategies, graphics, and marketing schemes elaborated for the project hope to foster a critical dialogue that translate the argument currently put forth by the Zapatista communities of Southern Mexico in the face of rapid, capital-driven development.

cesarneri.com/ instagram.com/cesar.a.ner

César Neri's events:

Critical Latinofuturism- Recontextualizing Modernity