april vendetta


april vendetta (they/them) explores themes of control, labor, and sexual play through diy surveillance to relay the physicality and the resilience of the body.

An archive has the ability to overwrite the dominant narrative. An archive has the ability to give people access to ideas outside of a suppressed framework that has been put in place to keep the status quo. Having empathy is a small step in the long process of reconnecting with ourselves. Home movies or home recordings (if you were able to have them as a child) can be wonderful and nostalgic snippets of memories but can also contain a lot of grief as well as many other emotions. When something becomes fragmented it does not necessarily need to be put back together in the exact same way that it was taken apart. In fact, we would say that with the help of a self-defining intentional community that something much more compassionate can form. A fragmented archive is not an archive with missing pieces. A fragmented archive is a way to visually understand a complex set of numerous entangled connections and what it could mean to play a small part of a larger whole.


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