A speculative project made in response to the ongoing discussions raised by numerous futurists and technologists on the hypothetical point called the technological singularity. Often, the technologists and futurists talk about how this technological growth can become uncontrollable and irreversible. Either this hypothetical point be consequential or beneficial, there are a lack of conversations touching upon how the relationship between the human and technology should be. The narratives are established within the perspective from one of the people who decided to escape the city tending towards the technological singularity. The vision is to resettle a new community with a vision that speaks against technological centralisation. As mining was one of the early operations that sparked the industrial revolution, the new community is built on top of an abandoned mine settlement to invert the conventional notion of a technological revolution. The project sits in 2050 and speculates on an alternative reaction to the city tending towards the technological singularity by decentralising themselves to an extreme. The concept is inspired by the theory of relativity in space-time physics and how blockchain technology operates on its own internal time system