Credits & Gratitude

ReclaimFutures 2020 would not have been possible without community effort, financial donations and support for which we are extremely grateful.

Donations & Finacial support

We thank the following donors for their kind support:

  • Pro Helvetia — CHF 2'000
  • Catherine Touillet — €50
  • Camille Donzé — €20
  • Michael A Redman — €10

The sum of this amount is being split between conference participants. Donations are still open and all donations made via this link will be passed on to RF2020 participants.


ReclaimFutures 2020 was organised and produced by Benjamin Jones, Maria Mahdessian, Clément Charollais and Joelle Aeschlimann.


All music heard in the live-stream during the weekend was used with permission from the artist / label. Go buy music by these artists:

Website and Typography

The ReclaimFutures website was made by Benjamin Jones and Clément Charollais using Jekyll and is hosted at (100% renewable-powered) Data Center Light.

The typefaces used by ReclaimFutures are Space Mono by Colophon Foundry and GlyphWorld Mountain by Leah Maldonado.