You might be wondering what the ongoing situation will mean for a conference due to be held in September 2020 that would typically involve physical attendance and face-to-face interaction.

After a period of reflection and consideration we have taken the decision to move the inaugural edition of ReclaimFutures fully online. Whilst not an easy decision, we believe fully that it is in the best interests of all not to host an event too soon and that the pertinence of the subjects we hope to address leaves the idea of postponing inconceivable.

Whilst we accept that an online conference will never achieve the same experience of an IRL event, we hope that through committing to this decision now will give us enough time to ensure we can create an experience that is as interactive and connection-building as can be. We also encourage potential participants to consider this format when submitting proposals.

We’ve also pushed back the deadline for the proposals to 14th June 2020.

We wish all the best to you during all this.

More soon,